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Горячая линия 1.800.407.2304 - США & Канада
Тел. +39 347 23 52 322по всему миру


In accordance with the legislative decree n.196 dated June 30th  2003, code on personal data protection, we inform you that the data you’ve given or that have been subsequently acquired, will be shared with LuxuryElevatorShoes.com in Italy and abroad, through manual and electronic instruments respecting the Privacy code in force.

Data-sharing aims

Collected data are shared for the following aims:

a) registering to the service;

b) making sales contracts to guarantee service agreements;

c) making fulfilments necessary to carry out the contractual relations;

d) fulfilling the statutory compliances including accounting, administrative and fiscal compliances;

e) solving possible warnings after verifying their validity;

f) sending commercial information – via e-mail, sms, post, call-centre and other communication systems – advertising, informative and promotional items even about products similar to those in the contract;

g) drawing up market research, economic analysis and surveys in order to verify the correct functioning of the system and their ratings;

h) elaborating personalized information about consumption habits and preferences of the consumers.

i)  communicating data to outsider companies for direct marketing aims.

Categories with whom you will share you data

Data sharing for the above mentioned aims can be made by a natural or legal people, in Italy or abroad, who give specific elaborating services or make connected, instrumental or supporting activities on behalf and/or for the benefit of LuxuryElevatorShoes.com The contractors’ data can be shared for the above mentioned aims, with LuxuryElevatorShoes.com’s company and:

  • Anyone who might receive necessary communications for the executions of the obligations of the service;
  • Outsider companies specialized in commercial information management (such as, data elaboration centres, banks, etc.)

In addition the contractors’ data  will be shared for the same aims by:

  • Companies and/or collaborators for the managing of administrative services we avail of to perform legal and contractual obligations;
  • Other entities (enterprises, companies, natural persons) which collaborate for the realization of the service.

These entities in charge operate in Italy, EU or outside EU – and are advisably appointed and educated.

Conservation data

The data given will be used only for the aims above mentioned and will be kept  for as long as are needed to carry them out. Once the period is expired, data will be cancelled or transformed anonymously. For detailed data about purchase and services, the conservation period won’t last longer than the time established by the law in force. 

Customer rights

You are entitled to exercise at any time the rights of article 7 (the right to access to personal data and other rights) of the code, and specifically: the right to access to your own personal data, to ask for rectification, to ask the update and the cancellation if incomplete, wrong or collected, violating the law in force, as well as to object their sharing for reasonable causes, submitting a written request to LuxuryElevatorShoes.com.

Data ownership

The owner of data sharing is LuxuryElevatorShoes.com.